Xavier Ruiz, Marketing Intern


Janki Patel - Medical Outreach Volunteer


During my time at Foothill Community Health Center, I was able to get a first look into what it is to be part of an organization with a bigger purpose. One committed to helping a community in need of help, filled with people of all races and nationalities united in service to the patient and to our system of care.

     Being a freshman in college, I was surprised to learn that Foothill not only was willing to consider me for a Summer Internship but was excited to exploit my potential. In the span of a couple of weeks, I had already met most of the company’s managers and was received with open arms to the FCHC family. As a marketing intern, I also had the opportunity of getting hands-on experience by working between departments to launch the company's new website (the very same you are using right now!). Thanks to this internship I was able to secure a stable position in the company and begin my journey in the professional world!

As a medical outreach volunteer for the Foothill Community Health Center, I assist the health center administrators and health professionals at various community events. Most of the time, we conduct health screenings for the general public of San Jose. Through this experience, I have learned a lot about my community. I have gained a better understanding of the importance of properly informing others about how to manage their health. Many of them are often unaware of the health risks they face on a daily basis, due to their poor access to medicine and/or language barriers they face in healthcare settings. However, once we give them the information they need, they seem to become more willing to seek medical help in the future. Overall, the Foothill Community Health Center has definitely made a positive impact on medically underserved communities within San Jose. Moreover, observing this impact has inspired me to work with underserved populations in my career.